Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kapawi travel 2017
My latest and last travel to Kapawi was prompted by a request by the Achuar to help them write a book "telling their story". My Achuar friend, Napoleon, and I have tried to collaborate to write a book using e-mail, Facebook and messenger. Not only is the amount of text limited, Napoleon is seldom in an area where there is internet access. He does not have a computer, and uses small Galaxie for typing.This is a very tedious process. This is not an affective way to make progress. I decided I must go to the rainforest and have face to face time. We have set aside a period of time in Wachirpas community to work together. Unfortunately this writing project is not funded. I have self-funded my previous travel to conduct research. Of course, my time writing, editing and publisheing is donated. This time I was astounded by the inflation in travel costs. This is an import project, this will be the Achuar's first book. I decided to start JoAnne's Achuar Project

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