Sunday, February 12, 2017

Going back again...

2014 Post
It is July 19 and I have just finished all of my vaccinations. Some were still good. I did not have to repeat the hepatitis, Yellow fever, mmr, or rabies. But I did have to have typhus and tetanus again. Not too bad.Then there were all of the scripts and OTCs to get. Since there will no medical services in the communities, I am planning for every possibility from diarrhea to fungal infections and headaches to rashes.  For malaria protection, I take one Mefloquinine every week beginning a week out and 3 weeks after my stay in the jungle. Last time down I did get a giardia infection and was quite ill for 5 days.

You can imagine that my medical kit takes up considerable landscape in my suitcase. Since the trip requires flying on a small aircraft and then a boat, luggage is limited to 25 pounds in a soft sided duffle. The duffle can be stuffed into the cargo area. Imagine what you can take with that limitation. The suggestion is 2 sets of clothes, socks for each day, walking shoes, sandals, and a tooth brush. this is just for the lodge. They provide toilet paper and shampoo and wellington boots for hiking. I have to plan for a week in a remote community, too. I must take everything that I will need.

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