Sunday, June 22, 2014

Writing a manuscript is just a start...

My initial project was to live with the Achuar and write a book about their culture. Kapawi Manager Andrés Ordóñez arranged for me to live at the lodge and visit 6 communities. During my stay I interviewed many people, took photographs and observed the Achuar way of life.

It was a new challenge for me to be in a foreign land, not speak the native language and not be able to go anywhere without a guide. The Achuar are a warm and accepting people. I was welcomed and they tolerated my endless questions.

Little did I know that when I started this project, I would also be the publisher, and then do the conversion to e-format. I have learned much more working on the book "The Achuar of the Pastaza River" than the Achuar culture.

I will go back to Kapawi and do follow-up research and visit my Achuar friends. I miss them and look forward to seeing them again and learning more about them.

And I will have many more questions for them.

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